Before time began God was always there – don’t ask me how that works, He just was. The Creator didn’t need someone to make him, that’s what makes him God!

At first the earth was an empty blob (a very big blob!) and all was darkness. But then ... God’s Spirit got to work.

The first thing God did was to turn the light on … 
no point working in the dark! God saw it was good!

Then He separated the light from the darkness. Kind of like an “on and off” switch, I suppose. He called one “day” and the other “night”.

That was the first days work over – but that a great start!

Day two and God got to work on the earth – a bit of variety water and land that will do it!

sun setThen there was the water in the atmosphere – This was so earth wouldn’t get to hot for his next days work. So he created the atmosphere. So now we had land, sea and sky – Good job! Way to go! Day two over.

(Where’s that light switch?)


mountainDay three and God the creator at work again. We need grass, plants, trees – loads of them, all sorts big oak trees, small snow drops, mushrooms, you name it God made it and a whole bunch of stuff more! All with their own way of recreating themselves a different seed for every type.

God Looked out there was colour everywhere – it was awesome and God was pleased!

Day 4 and back to some of the big stuff again…

starsUp until this point God has been sorting out the lighting arrangements but now it was time for something more permanent. Let's sort out the sun and the moon for the earth. Then absolutely billions of stars to light up the sky and fill some of the massive space of the heavens that God had created on day one. After all the earth was just one small planet in this huge big area that God had created called “the Heavens”

The moon and sun would be just in the right places so that as the earth went on its journey in space there would be plenty of variety in the seasons too!

pelicanDay 5 and time to sort out the sea – there was plenty of room here for all kinds of things, from whales to the tiniest plankton. God sorted it all. The bird for the air, from peregrines to penguins, what a variety – all in a days work for the great creator.

Day 6 and it was time for the land to get sorted…
All the animals for the land – birds, insects, mammals, amphibians, you name it God made it. All of them with the ability to make more of their own kind too!

God was pleased with all of it but there was one thing left to sort out before a rest day. God had this in mind right from the start. God was going to create mankind – like the other animals in lots of ways but also different. Some special abilities – God given! In many ways the image of their Father! Man and woman the first of many! And you know what God had a look and thought … that is very Good!

Day 7 all sorted and time for a rest day – a day to enjoy all that God had made… There was plenty more to follow…

god and worldA final thought … some people say “we don’t need God, it all happened by accident.. the call it evolution.” Give me enough time and it all happened by it’s self …

I wonder, take a look around you… Flowers, animals, the stars at night time…

Look at your hand nearly 25 bones, millions of cells, skin, muscles, veins the whole lot and all that happened by accident? Did the watch on your wrist come about by accident? Of course not someone made it. I can tell you now, watches are easy to make compared to hands! And yet some people tell you it was all by chance and accident.

An accident, I don’t think so … Given the choice (and we have got a choice, despite what some people might tell you) I would go for the great creator any day.. After all when you look in the mirror there is God in heaven saying “that’s my boy” or “that’s my girl”.

heart in sky

In the beginning Big Bang 
Or in the beginning Big God 
… I know which one I’d go for any time!


Genesis Chapter 1

by Steve Harris