Stories by my Friends

Here a few stories from the Bible as told by my friends. They were all told to a live audience of children in Schools across the UK many from my home town of Cardiff. I hope you enjoy them.

Mark's Gospel CartoonBible by Bible Society Australia

Cartoon Bible have created a cartoon version of the Bible that is easy for kids of all ages to watch. We will as much as possible be using straight Bible text without providing too much explanation, just cos we reckon that the Bible is quite well written!


The stories will be animated with a separate narration track added at the end, so hopefully we can have the stories translated into many languages. 


The team that created the cartoons are Australian and we are aiming at an Australian audience, but we hope you enjoy them wherever you are in the world. And yes, we hope this inspires you to read the original stories in the Bible.


You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Australian Bible Society

Christmas Stories


   It is nearly that time of the year when you will all be looking for great Christmas ideas. So we are goingto add some videos to get you in the mood. 

Check out the rest of the site for other stuff as we get the time to add it!

Don't miss the first video in this series its brilliant!

Video Stories

Here are a whole bunch of Video Stories click on them to watch 

To be honest we think that you might find this to be the most exciting part of "Great Bible Stories". These are stories you can watch being told by people who love to tell stories! We are going to work hard to get as many video stories as we can on the web site, so keep coming back to see what has been added. This is just a few to get started.

The first group of videos are all stories present by me and my friends. We see many thousands of children in school each term. Some of the videos were filmed in local school in Cardiff Wales. Click on the link the menu opposite to see lots of other great videos.