In the Beginning

Before time began God was always there – don’t ask me how that works, He just was. The Creator didn’t need someone to make him, that’s what makes him God!

At first the earth was an empty blob (a very big blob!) and all was darkness. But then ... God’s Spirit got to work.

lightThe first thing God did was to turn the light on … no point working in the dark! God saw it was good!

Then He separated the light from the darkness. Kind of like an “on and off” switch, I suppose. He called one “day” and the other “night”.

That was the first days work over – but that a great start!

Day two and God got to work on the earth – a bit of variety water and land that will do it!

sun setThen there was the water in the atmosphere – This was so earth wouldn’t get to hot for his next days work. So he created the atmosphere. So now we had land, sea and sky – Good job! Way to go! Day two over.

(Where’s that light switch?)


mountainDay three and God the creator at work again. We need grass, plants, trees – loads of them, all sorts big oak trees, small snow drops, mushrooms, you name it God made it and a whole bunch of stuff more! All with their own way of recreating themselves a different seed for every type.

God Looked out there was colour everywhere – it was awesome and God was pleased!

Day 4 and back to some of the big stuff again…

starsUp until this point God has been sorting out the lighting arrangements but now it was time for something more permanent. Let's sort out the sun and the moon for the earth. Then absolutely billions of stars to light up the sky and fill some of the massive space of the heavens that God had created on day one. After all the earth was just one small planet in this huge big area that God had created called “the Heavens”

The moon and sun would be just in the right places so that as the earth went on its journey in space there would be plenty of variety in the seasons too!

pelicanDay 5 and time to sort out the sea – there was plenty of room here for all kinds of things, from whales to the tiniest plankton. God sorted it all. The bird for the air, from peregrines to penguins, what a variety – all in a days work for the great creator.

Day 6 and it was time for the land to get sorted…
All the animals for the land – birds, insects, mammals, amphibians, you name it God made it. All of them with the ability to make more of their own kind too!

God was pleased with all of it but there was one thing left to sort out before a rest day. God had this in mind right from the start. God was going to create mankind – like the other animals in lots of ways but also different. Some special abilities – God given! In many ways the image of their Father! Man and woman the first of many! And you know what God had a look and thought … that is very Good!

Day 7 all sorted and time for a rest day – a day to enjoy all that God had made… There was plenty more to follow…

god and worldA final thought … some people say “we don’t need God, it all happened by accident.. the call it evolution.” Give me enough time and it all happened by it’s self …

I wonder, take a look around you… Flowers, animals, the stars at night time…

Look at your hand nearly 25 bones, millions of cells, skin, muscles, veins the whole lot and all that happened by accident? Did the watch on your wrist come about by accident? Of course not someone made it. I can tell you now, watches are easy to make compared to hands! And yet some people tell you it was all by chance and accident.

An accident, I don’t think so … Given the choice (and we have got a choice, despite what some people might tell you) I would go for the great creator any day.. After all when you look in the mirror there is God in heaven saying “that’s my boy” or “that’s my girl”.

heart in sky

In the beginning Big Bang 
Or in the beginning Big God 
… I know which one I’d go for any time!


Genesis Chapter 1

by Steve Harris

Noah Part 1 - One Good Man

(Genesis 6.9 - 7.10)

But God was watching.

He saw what a terrible place the world had become.

He saw that everyone was lying, and cheating, and killing. He saw that no one cared about doing what was good and right anymore. And God knew that in their hearts all they wanted to do was evil and bad.

But... God saw one good man.

His name was Noah.

Noah still cared about God. He listened to God, and he always tried to do what God said. And God was pleased with Noah.

God said to Noah, "Noah, I have decided to put an end to this mess people have made of my world, and start all over."

So God said to Noah, "I want you to build a boat."

It was going to be a very BIG boat. God told Noah exactly how to make it. It was going to be longer than a football field, and higher than a three story house. It was going to have one door, and a window all around beneath the roof.

God called the boat an "ark."

This was going to be a big job for a 500 year old man!

That's how old Noah was when God gave him his little project to do. Now, Noah might have thought, "This job is too big, and I am too old!" And he didn't even have any power tools out back in his shed. But he did have God, and with God on your side, anything is possible.

So Noah went right to work. He did everything just as God had told him to.

His neighbors must have thought he was crazy. While they were spending all their time doing wicked things just to please themselves, Noah was hard at work, pleasing God. Noah kept on working, day after day, year after year. And day after day, year after year, people laughed at him.

And then one day Noah put down his hammer.

The ark was finished. 

There it was, this giant boat, resting on dry land - and no lake in sight!

What was God thinking?

He was thinking he had another job for Noah!

A really BIG job. 

God said to Noah, "Now I want you to find two of every kind of animal, a male and a female, and bring them into the ark. And bring enough food for them all too." (God also told Noah to bring extra pairs of some animals, some for food, and some for sacrifices.)

Just think what a noise that must have been. Cows mooing. Lions roaring. Dogs barking. Elephants trumpeting - all at once. What a noise!

And what a mess! (It must have smelled pretty bad too...)

And how do you keep the tigers from eating the little lambs?

Still, with God's help, Noah did it all, just as God told him to.

Until finally there was just one more animal to get up onto the ark.

Noah was pushing on the wrinkly behind of a big grumpy elephant - an elephant who really didn't want to go on a cruise - when Noah felt a drop of rain hit his head.

Next time...

The Great Flood 


freely translated by
Paul Dallgas-Frey


All pictures and story © Paul Dallgas-Frey

Noah Part 2 - The Great Flood

(Genesis 7.11-24)

Noah looked up.

The sky was turning gray, and Noah thought to himself, “It looks like rain.”

And so, with one, big last push, he got that reluctant elephant up into the ark. 

Whew! 1oo years is a long time to work on one job!

Noah sat down by the door of the ark and wiped the sweat from his forehead. At last he was finished with all that God had asked him to do. Noah was 600 years old when he did all that God asked him to. 

Seven days went by, one for each day it took to make the word God was about wash clean.

And then the flood came.

“Now it’s time for you and your family to get into the ark!” The Lord said to Noah.

So Noah and his wife, and his three sons; Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their wives; all got into the ark. Then the Lord himself reached down from heaven and shut the door.

Water poured from the sky and rushed up from the ground. 

It rained.

And rained. 

And rained. 

The Great Flood had come. 

Lightning flashed. Thunder crashed. The winds blew huge waves across the water. 

The water lifted the giant wooden boat from the ground. It lifted it above Noah’s house. It lifted it above the trees in his backyard. 

The ark tossed in the storm above Noah's neighbor’s house, above the whole town, and everyone who lived there.

It rained for forty days and forty nights. 

It rained so hard that Noah’s ark floated above even the highest mountains. There was no dry ground left at all.

And everything that breathed on the earth died. 

What terrible things happen when people sin.

Next time...

Can I get off the boat please?


freely translated by
Paul Dallgas-Frey


All pictures and story © Paul Dallgas-Frey

Noah Part 3- Can I get off the boat please?

(Genesis 8.1-19)

Noah and his family waited in the ark.

Up and down, and up and down, they tossed on the waves.

Everywhere they looked, they saw nothing but water. 

For 150 days the ark tossed on those waves.

That’s longer than a whole summer vacation. A lot longer. Only this couldn’t have been much of a vacation. 

What do you suppose they did all day? There wasn’t cable TV to watch. No portable CD players to listen to. No video games to play. Maybe that’s when Shuffleboard and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” were invented.

I’ll bet the donkey wasn’t too happy about that.

But there was probably enough work to do every day, just trying to keep all those animals fed and the ark cleaned up. 

And maybe at the end of a long day, they sat around the kitchen fire and told stories, and tried to remember what it was like to take a walk through the trees on a warm summer evening.

But with the racket of all those animals, and the creaking of the heavy wooden beams of the ark, how did they get to sleep at night?

And how did they keep from rolling out of their beds? Maybe they didn’t even HAVE beds.

But God hadn’t forgotten about them.

One day God caused a warm wind to blow. The rain stopped, and the water began to go down.

It was another 150 days before the ark came to rest on the very top of a mountain called Ararat. 

Noah and his family and all those animals had all been together in that ark for almost a year!

After 40 more days, Noah opened the window of the ark and let a raven fly out. He wanted to see whether it could find some dry ground. Noah waited and waited, but the raven never came back.

So Noah tried again. This time he sent out a dove. The dove flew around and around. But it couldn't find any dry ground, and it had to come back.

Noah waited seven more days, and then he let the dove fly out again. 

That evening the dove came back with a fresh olive leaf in its beak. That was a sign for Noah. Now he knew the water had gone down, because the dove had found an olive bush growing on dry land.

Noah waited another seven days, and then he sent the dove out again. This time it didn’t come back. It had found a new place to live. 

Finally, God told Noah it was all right to leave the ark. Noah opened the door, and all those animals rushed out! 

They found new homes in the world God had washed clean. 

God had saved them!

God provided the ark, and it had brought them all safely through the water. It carried them to a new life.

Noah was 601 years old when he left the ark. And was he ever glad to be walking on dry ground again!

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The Rainbow & A Promise


freely translated by
Paul Dallgas-Frey


All pictures and story © Paul Dallgas-Frey


Noah Part 4 - The Rainbow & the Promise

(Genesis 8.20-9.17)

Noah did a strange thing.

At least it would seem very strange to us today.

The ark was safely on dry ground again. A few minutes before, it was filled with growling, barking, honking, purring animals. Now the door was wide open and the giant boat sat on a mountain top, all empty and quiet.

All the animals had rushed out the door to fill the earth again.

So what was Noah doing?

He was picking up rocks.

He was so thankful to be alive, he was going to build an altar to God. So Noah piled up the rocks to build a fire on them. Then he took the best of some special animals he had kept aside, killed them, and burned them on the altar. This was a sacrifice Noah offered to God to thank him for saving his life.

It might seem like a strange thing to do.

It couldn’t have been an easy thing to do either. But that’s what people did in those long ago days. That way they would know that dealing with God is a very serious thing.

God was pleased with Noah’s sacrifice. But most of all, God was pleased that Noah was truly thankful. 

And so God made this promise to Noah,

“Never again will I destroy the world with a flood.

I make this covenant with you and with all creatures.

From this day on,
there will always come a time for planting,
and a time for gathering up what was planted.

Day will always follow night,
the warm days of summer
will always follow
the cold and snow of winter,
as long as the earth shall be."

God knew that there is something inside each of us that tries to keep us from doing what is right. That is what causes all the trouble in the world. 

God also knew that one day he would send his Son to save us from that. God saved Noah and his family to show us that he has the power to save us all, and one day bring us to a new life with him in heaven.

So God blessed Noah and his family. He told them to have many children and fill the earth with people again. He gave them the plants and the animals for food. And he made people the boss of everything on earth (Think of it this way. You might have a pet dog or a cat. There aren’t any dogs who have pet people!).

And then God said to Noah, "Look up in the sky."

Noah looked up. The storm clouds were drifting away, the bright sun was shining against Noah's back. And against the dark grey sky, God made a brilliant rainbow appear. God said to Noah,

“You see, I have set my rainbow in the sky. This will be the sign of the covenant I have made with you and all creatures, never again to destroy the earth by a flood. It will always remind us of the promise between you and me.”

So, the next time you see a rainbow, think of Noah and the flood. Remember that God loves you, and that no matter how bad the storm, there will always come a bright new day.

That is God's promise, and God always keeps his promises.


freely translated by
Paul Dallgas-Frey
All pictures and story © Paul Dallgas-Frey

On Starry Night

(Genesis 12.1-5, Genesis 15.1-5)
Have you ever tried to count all the stars in the sky?
Many years after the time of Noah there was a man named Abram.

Abram was a good man who owned many sheep and cattle. He lived with his wife Sarai in the land of Haran. But he had no children.

One day, God came to Abram. Whether it was in a vision, or in a dream we don't know for sure. But God did come to Abram and He said to him,

“Abram! I want you to pack up all your things and leave your home!

“I want you to go to the land I will give you. I promise that I will bless you, and make your family great. I will be with you in all you do, and because of you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Wow! That was quite a promise!

But a scary one too. It meant that Abram would have to leave the place he knew and go to a place he didn't know. He would have to trust God that everything would be okay.

But that's just what Abram did. 

Abram took his wife Sarai and his brother Lot. They packed up everything they owned in the land of Haran and moved to the land of Canaan - that was the land that God was going to lead him to. It couldn't have been an easy move to make. Abram was 75 years old when God told him to pack up everything he owned and leave his home - and if you look at a map, Canaan is a long way away from Haran! 

And then... 

One warm starry night

...many years later, Abram was resting in his tent after a hard day’s work. People lived in tents back in those days because they had to move from place to place to find food for their many sheep and cattle.

It was a night like any other night... until God appeared.

This must have been a bit of a surprise! And maybe more than a little bit scary.

But God said to Abram, “Do not be afraid! I am your defender! I promise that I will give you a great reward.” 

But Abram said, “What kind of reward? I don't even have any children!”

And then God took Abram out beneath the starry sky. “Look up at the stars in the sky,” God said. “You will have a son. He will have children, and his children will have children, and they will have more children, and one day they will be as many as the stars in the sky.”

Abram said, "How can this be? I am old!"

But God had made a promise to Abram. God promised Abram that he would have children, and from him a great nation would come. God promised that they would live in the land that God had given them. And God promised that because of Abram all people on earth would be blessed.

And God always keeps his promises.

Abram believed God's promise, and Abram's faith pleased God. It was Abram's faith in God and his promise that made things right between Abram and God. That is an important thing to remember!

Before God even started to make the world, he had a plan. His plan is for us to know how good he is, and how much he loves us, and that one day we will come to live with him forever in heaven.

This was the beginning of God’s plan...
All pictures and story © Paul Dallgas-Frey