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Who is Dan Anyway

  Dan is just an ordinary boy who gets himself into all sorts of...

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Up a Gum Tree

  Pictures below are © Henry Martin.Free use for ministry purposes. Not to be...

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Having a whale of a time

"Oh, no!" shouted Dan as he and Suzie were sitting at breakfast. His...

access_time 12:00AM 03 October 2015

Building a Winning Team

(The Semi Final) “Here we go, here we go, here we go!” Dan sang...

access_time 12:00AM 05 October 2015

Dan & Naaman take a dive

(The Final) The semi final was over and Dan had scored the winning goal...

access_time 12:00AM 06 October 2015

The Story of Daniel Begins

....since Noah and his family left the ark. There was a scary moment...

access_time 12:50PM 01 November 2015

20 Large Pepperoni Pizzas to go, please

...had a very long, hard-to-spell name!He also happened to be a rich and...

access_time 01:50PM 01 November 2015

The Mysterious Dream

It woke him up in the middle of the night for several nights...

access_time 01:55PM 01 November 2015

The Fiery Furnace

King Nebuchadnezzar was at it again.This time he had a giant statue set...

access_time 02:50PM 01 November 2015

The King Finally Get's It

No matter what happens, God is in control.We have a hard time believing...

access_time 02:50PM 01 November 2015

The Writings on the Wall

    Just think, even the most mighty king is nothing compared to God. King...

access_time 03:35PM 01 November 2015

The Lions' Den

....when you always do what is good and right. I guess it's because...

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Steve Harris Steve Harris

Who is dan anyway 

Dan is just an ordinary boy who gets himself into all sorts of scrapes and adventures and along the way he makes a few “Amazing Discoveries!”

Dan is nine and a bit, he loves football and climbing trees. School is OK especially when he can play football with his friends, but holidays are even better. Unless of course you end up getting stuck in a tree or have to spend your holiday with Aunty Do and Uncle Paul! Dan loves burgers and chips but isn’t very keen on cabbage, but then again who is?!

Dan has two good friends Joseph and William and of course he has an “alien” for a sister! Well she’s not really an alien but sometimes Dan does wish she would fly away and never come back! Her name is Suzie and she is seven going on sixteen, and she thinks she knows everything.

Dan lives with his Mum and Dad and Sister Suzie in Newtown. It’s probably quite like where you live and some of the things he gets up to are probably what you do too - so you never know, when you read about Dan you too could make some “Amazing Discoveries!”

Copyright Steve Harris

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